Whey Protein Shake- IsaLean Shake The Best Meal Replacement For Weight Loss!

When it comes to losing weight or building muscle mass, you’d definitely need a healthy shake for Meal Replacement!

The best Whey Protein Shake is the IsaLean Shake.

Whey Protein Singapore the best meal replacement shakeMost protein in the IsaLean Shake comes from organic (undenatured) whey, which is optimal for burning fat and building lean muscle.

What’s So Special About IsaLean Whey Protein Singapore?

Singapore Whey Protein for Weight Loss and Muscle Building

1) Safe Weight Loss

IsaLean Whey Protein is developed to maximize nutrition while minimizing calorie intake. Is it effective for Weight Management? Just watch the video:


2) Highest quality whey protein concentrate

Highest quality whey protein concentrate and milk protein from New Zealand. The cows are pasture (grass) fed and not treated with hormones or antibiotics!

3) Lower Lactose levels

IsaLean Whey Protein shakes contains lower lactose levels and more superior amino acids.

Why is Undenatured Whey Protein better than Soy Protein?

1) Undenatured (Organic, Pure and Natural)

Whey is usually extracted from milk by acids, salts and heat which denatures it. This breaks down the protein and strips whey of its natural benefits. While IsaLean Whey Protein remains undenatured and retains its quality.

2) Amino Acid Profile

Undenatured whey contains numerous amino acids that turn on protein functions.

3) Better Than Soy

Whey Singapore- Whey Protein Trumps Soy Protein in fat burning!
Whey protein increases your ability to stay full longer and stimulates the production of heat to burn more calories.

How to Get It!

Halal Whey Protein Singapore for Fitness Training and Weight Management
IsaLean Whey Protein Shake is Halal certified and available in 3 flavours: Chocolate, Vanilla and Sesame. Contact us now– Fill in the Contact Form below!

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