What Is Whey Protein?

Whey Protein Singapore for Improved Fitness

Whey protein powder is an essential supplement for those leading an active, fit and health conscious lifestyle. Whey Protein Singapore values the important role protein plays in repairing and building muscle tissues. Therefore when you buy whey protein from us you can be guaranteed that it is made only of the highest quality halal whey protein available in Singapore.

Halal Whey Protein Singapore for safe Weight LossWhey protein powder is made by extracting coagulated milk curd to leave a rich amino acid by-product. Other types of whey protein powders may use bacteria from meat sources. However, the halal whey protein used to make Singapore whey protein powder goes one step further and uses only cultures from milk sources.

Whey protein powder exists in three forms, concentrates, isolates and hydrolysates. The main difference between them is the level of processing the whey protein undergoes after it has been extracted. Whey can range from 30% to 80% in its protein makeup with and along each range there are varying health benefits. There are no losses in amino acids during the denaturing process neither does this stage have any adverse effect on muscle building qualities. – The whey used to produce Singapore whey protein powder is of the concentrated variety.  Of the three it is the most unprocessed and richest in total nutritional composites. As a halal protein powder, more value is placed on creating a pure and natural product, so its milk base comes from grass fed cow in New Zealand. This extra step ensures the animals are free of hormones and antibiotics.

Whey Protein Singapore for Burning Fat FastProtein is one of the key nutritional building blocks in our bodies. In fact studies shows using whey protein powder points to muscle growth and an overall improvement in cardiovascular performance. In comparison to other protein sources like chicken or fish, whey protein provides one of the quickest ways for your body to absorb protein. Whey protein powder also has low lactose levels and contains antioxidant ingredients that work against free radicals to help shorten injury recovery time caused by muscle damage. New research shows that consuming whey protein powder can lead to a reduction of certain types of cancer, diabetes and even heart disease. This can be attributed to its low concentrates of cholesterol and fats as a result of the denaturing process it undergoes.   In addition whey protein also acts as an appetite suppressant therefore making it ideal to incorporate as a meal replacement in your daily diet.

Whey Protein Singapore Enhances Workout RecoveryDrinking whey protein powder after a workout can provide an excellent balance of protein and carbs necessary to develop muscle hypotrophy. This extra protein is necessary to compensate for protein loss which occurs during physical exercise. It also increases the blood flow carrying oxygen and hormones to the torn muscles thereby repairing skeletal muscle tissues faster. For those of you constantly on the go, drinking a glass of Whey Protein Singapore will provide maximum results to your body with the shortest amount of time.

Whey Protein Powder Singapore for Weight LossThere is no doubt that Whey Protein promotes muscle growth and development in a truly organic way. Buy whey protein powder in Singapore now and enjoy all the nutrients needed to aid strong muscle growth, in just one shake!